GDM Pipelines Announces Rebrand

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CALGARY, AB – GDM Pipelines, the industry leader for Canadian energy infrastructure data since 1997, announced today that it has rebranded, introducing a new operating name and visual identity. This change reflects the expanded nature of the business over the past several years and positions the company for future growth.

At the heart of this rebrand is a change in the operating name from GDM Pipelines to GDM Inc. (GDM). While pipeline data continues to be the flagship product, the new branding reinforces that GDM delivers much more. In addition to the new name, they have also updated their website and logo, and modified the tagline from “smart pipeline decisions” to “giving data meaning” to more accurately reflect the breadth of their expertise.  

“The energy industry in Canada has changed immensely over the past several years, and it continues to evolve”, said Brian Hall, President of GDM. “People used to just come to us for data. But, with pressure to “do more with less” and maximize the use of resources, we’ve seen a shift in what our customers need. They are looking for insight and meaning, not just data.”

With its suite of data products, software solutions, and custom reporting and analytics services, GDM is uniquely positioned to provide insight that helps both oil and gas operators, and companies that support the energy industry, with the information they need to make informed decisions. Whether you are an Integrity Manager wanting to understand your pipeline and water crossing risk profiles, a consultant who is looking for the best information to complete projects for your client, or a Line Locator wanting to ensure you have the correct asset locations so you don’t waste time and resources, GDM delivers the right information, when, where, and how it’s needed.

“We are proud of the reputation we have built over the past 25 years as the “go-to” source for energy infrastructure data in Canada”, continued Hall, “and, we are excited about becoming an even more integral part of the energy industry in the years to come.”

About GDM Inc.

GDM Inc. is the trusted source for energy infrastructure data in Canada. In business since 1997, GDM is relied on by industry to deliver the most complete, accurate, and current pipeline and facility, environmental incident, transportation infrastructure, utility, and frontier land data. Our data is available as part of prominent industry applications AccuMap and geoSCOUT, in addition to being accessible via direct database connection and GIS-ready files. 

To round out our offering, our proprietary software application, Converge, offers analytics and mapping tools, as well as modules specific to pipeline risk assessment, water crossing prioritization, and asset connectivity. We also deliver custom data reporting and analytics services to meet the unique and changing needs of the energy industry in Canada.


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