Optimizing Your Pipeline Water Crossing Inspection Program


When it comes to creating and managing your pipeline water crossing inspection program, one of the first challenges can simply be identifying the location of all your crossings. From there, you also need to figure out which crossings pose the highest risk for a release to occur.

Historically, scale has been used as a means to classify the largest (and, therefore, presumably the most critical) waterbodies. However, since scale is a subjective measure, it doesn’t necessarily give you the full picture of where your highest risks might be.

That’s where we come in.

Converge Crossing Manager helps you proactively manage your water crossing inspection program, including:

  • Using Strahler Stream Order to objectively classify the size of waterbodies;
  • Using a variety of attributes to effectively identify, prioritize, and manage pipeline water crossings;
  • How to use Converge’s advanced analytics to streamline your overall program management;
  • Applying our newly released Proximity Factors to more accurately assess potential consequences associated to your pipeline water crossings.

Contact us to learn more about how Converge Crossing Manager can help you optimize your inspection program.


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