Risk & integrity software

Managing energy infrastructure on a national scale means your risk profile is constantly changing. Bring new tools to your integrity management program that do the work for you to keep you ahead of the curve.
Risk & Integrity Management Software

A complete risk and integrity management solution without the massive upfront cost

When it comes to managing risk, there are tools that claim to help but come with a huge upfront investment in time and money – just to get started. We’ve eliminated that barrier by giving you turn-key access to GDM’s industry-leading oil and gas asset database, letting you build a complete integrity management program in just minutes.

gdm Risk Manager - Pipeline risk layer
gdm Risk Manager - Pipeline risk layer
gdm Connectivity Manager - Connectivity Diagram
gdm Connectivity Manager - Connectivity Diagram

Build an accurate picture of your energy network

Converge Connectivity Manager is the easiest-to-use system connectivity tool available. Simply select a group of assets from the map and drag them on to the canvas to create a complete system diagram. With data that is updated daily, you can be sure that you’re always working the most accurate and current system data available.

Intuitive Interface & Support
Reduce training costs with a simple-to-use interface that even the least tech-savvy staff can use in minutes. Need help? We also provide onboarding support and ad-hoc training as needed.
System Mapping with built-in Intelligence

Connectivity Manager uses predictive modelling to help proactively build system connections and recommend those that might apply to your system profile.

Customize Your System Diagrams to Suit Any Need

In addition to licensed assets, include elements such as pig launchers and receivers, headers, risers, and storage tanks to your system diagram.


Risk management software that finds the weak links for you

There are thousands of elements and datapoints to consider when managing pipeline risk. Risk Manager reduces potential errors by utilizing GDM’s comprehensive dataset and software to proactively identify risks along your entire energy system. Plus, with daily updated data, get alerted to potential risks that need to be addressed before they become a major problem.

gdm Risk Manager - Risk Dashboard
gdm Risk Manager - Risk Dashboard
Simple, Map-Based Assessments

View your pipelines on customizable maps, from your desktop or in the field, classified by color to easily identify their risk score.

Complete Risk Assessments in Seconds

Instantly see your company’s entire pipeline inventory and risk profile on a single screen, then focus in on the areas that require attention.

Drill Down to Access In-Depth Risk Details

Drill down on any pipeline to see a detailed risk profile with colour changes along the length of each pipeline where your risk composition changes.

gdm software for the oil pipeline and energy industry gives data meaning
gdm Crossing Manager - Dashboard
gdm Crossing Manager - Dashboard

Simplify your water crossing management programs

Pipeline water crossings are an important part of your overall integrity strategy, but simply identifying the location of your crossings can be a challenge. Even the very definition of a water crossing might leave you scratching your head. With Converge Crossing Manager, we’ve eliminated the guesswork by mapping all waterways and pipeline crossings in Western Canada. Simply select your assets to produce a comprehensive list of water crossings for your inspection and management program.

Quick Management & Inspection Planning

With the click of a button, you can create a complete water crossing inspection list tagged by category and priority so your team can focus on the right locations.

Single-Source Documentation

Generate inspection forms with key pipeline attributes already populated. Or view previous inspection reports so you can quickly know which assets have passed or failed.

Proactive Water Level Monitoring

Water levels are monitored in real time, giving you immediate feedback when levels exceed normal thresholds and the ability to proactively mitigate potential incidents.

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Industry Data Access

Comprehensive energy infrastructure data from across Canada and the Northern USA.

Analytics & Mapping Software

Powerful yet simple to use visualization, analysis, and reporting tools.

Risk & Integrity Software

We help manage energy infrastructure risk on a national scale.

Energy Transition

Your key partner for analyzing infrastructure and planning for the energy transition.

Custom Reporting & Analytics

Custom reporting and analytics to help answer any operational question.

Regulatory Support

We support data file and regulatory submissions for all provincial regulators. 


Oil and gas infrastructure data from every province in Canada and the Northern United States.


Our flagship software solution that provides complete infrastructure information wherever you are.

Connectivity Manager

Connectivity Manager makes it easy to identify connections and understand your pipeline network.

Crossing Manager

The only integrity software that helps you manage a complete water crossing inspection program.

Industry Dashboard

Access a complete inventory of any company’s energy assets in one location.

Risk Manager

Stay ahead of the game with on-demand risk scores for every pipeline in Western Canada.

Field Review Manager

Reduce your exposure to incidents and regulatory audits with insights from your field verified data.

Third-Party Software

We partner with industry-leading companies to incorporate our data into multiple applications.