Flow Apportionment: Understanding your Production Flow Volume is Finally Here!

You have long sought a simple way to trace the path of production from source to sink and with good reason. Knowing this creates opportunities to understand and manage assets more effectively including building robust risk management strategies, creating evaluations for planned A&D activity, assessing capacity planning, and generating an overall understanding of current and historical production activity.

With this information in hand, the possibilities are endless.

Converge Connectivity Manager by GDM provides you with complete visibility of asset networks and demystifies the process of asset management. With Connectivity Manager’s proprietary Network Suggestion tool and intuitive, 3-step process of Select-Connect-Perfect, you can create system diagrams quickly and easily providing visibility to entire connected networks. Diagrams can also include 3rd party assets, even when you are not the primary operator.

GDM is now pleased to introduce to you Connectivity Manager’s latest enhancement, Flow Apportionment!

With Flow Apportionment, you can now easily trace the path of production throughout your entire network. Once you create a diagram, with the click of a button, you can apply current production values revealing the most up-to-date information for the assets in the network.

Starting with the production from each well, we look at all the connected downstream assets. From there, the flow apportionment model incorporates multiple factors including:

  • Number of connected pipelines
  • Pipeline status, substance, and diameter
  • Site separation

Building a Flow Apportionment Model in Converge

Using these factors, we identify the production volume flowing through each connected pipeline. As a result, you can see a detailed production graph and table for individual pipelines, showing both current and historical production to integrate into your risk program.

You can also leverage our base risk assessments with flow apportionment to be better prepared for field reviews and integrity management planning.

And because GDM’s data is updated daily in Converge, any changes to an asset’s operating attributes are instantly updated in the diagram to ensure you are looking at the most up-to-date information.

GDM President Brian Hall says of flow apportionment, “What we’ve done by introducing this new enhancement in Converge Connectivity Manager is taken the laborious process that is flow apportionment and made it easy. Hours spent building a schematic or model in one application while manually adding data from another application has been simplified by Converge’s ability to drag, drop, and click…and you’re done.”

Hall further states that, “GDM strongly believes that when it comes to managing your energy infrastructure network that understanding their connections and interrelationships is of vital importance. The addition of an enhancement like flow apportionment is key because it not only impacts how a company manages risk, but feeds into the broader picture of capacity planning.”

Need more information?  

Contact us to learn how Converge Connectivity Manager can help you visualize production flow and manage your entire connected network.


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