Analytics & mapping software

Companies trust GDM to provide the most accurate and complete set of oil and gas infrastructure data available. From operations to engineering, to regulatory planning, our data will give you the insights you need to create confidently.

Analytics and Mapping Software

Make sense of your data. From your entire system down to the smallest detail

With GDM’s spatially corrected and updated data available in Converge, AccuMap, geoSCOUT, and gDC Cloud you can solve complex problems faster than ever before. Gain valuable system insights in seconds with built-in reports and analytics or focus in on trending data for individual assets or across your entire system.
gdm environmental Incident data​ includes current and historical environmental incidents associated to pipelines, wells, and facilities.
gdm Converge Software - Map Selection
gdm Converge Software - Map Selection

Converge by GDM

Converge by GDM is designed for operators, integrity professionals, engineers, consultants, line locators, business developers, survey companies, and other supporting industries such as finance and insurance to gain complete understanding about operating assets.


AccuMap by S&P Global (formerly IHS Markit) is used by geoscientists, land personnel, accounting staff and managers to see big picture opportunities related to asset infrastructure.

GDM’s Pipeline & Facility, Transportation, Low Pressure Gas, and Incident Data can be included as modules in AccuMap.

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IHS Markit now a part of S&P Global
gdm data integrates with third party software such as AccuMap
gdm data integrates with third party software such as AccuMap
gdm data integrates with third party software such as geoSCOUT by geoLOGIC
gdm data integrates with third party software such as geoSCOUT by geoLOGIC


geoSCOUT by geoLOGIC Systems is trusted by energy professionals to map oil and gas plays, see trends, understand reservoirs, plan for the future and make mission critical decisions.

geoSCOUT can be enhanced through the addition of GDM’s Pipeline and Facility and Transportation Data modules.

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gdm partner geologic systems

gDC Cloud

gDC Cloud by geoLOGIC is designed for project managers, geoscientists, engineers, and business developers to provide access to information without the need for data infrastructure and IT support.

GDM’s Pipeline and Facility Data is available as an add-on to gDC Cloud.

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gdm partner geologic systems
gdc Cloud third party software that uses gdm industry data
gdc Cloud third party software that uses gdm industry data
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No matter which application you choose, GDM’s data can be included to provide you with the best available information
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Select which modules you want to include with your subscription to customize the information that is most relevant to your business
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GDM’s data pricing is consistent across all channels, so you can be confident knowing you are receiving the same price, no matter how you choose to use our data

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Industry Data Access

Comprehensive energy infrastructure data from across Canada and the Northern USA.

Analytics & Mapping Software

Powerful yet simple to use visualization, analysis, and reporting tools.

Risk & Integrity Software

We help manage energy infrastructure risk on a national scale.

Energy Transition

Your key partner for analyzing infrastructure and planning for the energy transition.

Custom Reporting & Analytics

Custom reporting and analytics to help answer any operational question.

Regulatory Support

We support data file and regulatory submissions for all provincial regulators. 


Oil and gas infrastructure data from every province in Canada and the Northern United States.


Our flagship software solution that provides complete infrastructure information wherever you are.

Connectivity Manager

Connectivity Manager makes it easy to identify connections and understand your pipeline network.

Crossing Manager

The only integrity software that helps you manage a complete water crossing inspection program.

Industry Dashboard

Access a complete inventory of any company’s energy assets in one location.

Risk Manager

Stay ahead of the game with on-demand risk scores for every pipeline in Western Canada.

Field Review Manager

Reduce your exposure to incidents and regulatory audits with insights from your field verified data.

Third-Party Software

We partner with industry-leading companies to incorporate our data into multiple applications.