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ConConverge Crossing Manager by gdm lets you Easily create multi-year inspection programs to ensure your entire crossing inventory is accounted for
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Release notes

March 8, 2022 - Water Crossing Proximity Factors 

  • Add proximity factors to pipeline water crossings to get a more accurate picture of potential downstream impacts of pipeline releases 

Asset Overview 

  • View the locations of your entire asset inventory on the map at any zoom level 

Connectivity Manager - Labels and Diagram Locking 

  • Label your pipelines with Status, Substance, Outer Diameter, Material Type, Length, H2S content, or MOP 
  • Label wells with the well name, instead of the UWI 
  • Lock diagrams so they can not be updated by other users while they are in use 

Connectivity Manager – Standalone Sites and Object Ordering 

  • Add unlicensed assets such as satellites to system diagrams 
  • Change the position of assets on the diagram using “To Front” or “To Back” tools 

Connectivity Manager -  Feature Updates 

  • New subtypes, properties and visual differences for Risers 
  • New features for Lift Types, Vessels, and Water Crossings 

Shapefile Exports 

  • Export pipeline, facility, or well features in shapefile format  

Saskatchewan MER Attribute Export 

  • Create pipeline exports designed to simplify data updates related to Saskatchewan Flowline Licensing 

Spatial Data Selection 

  • Draw polygons in the map to select custom groups of assets 

Connectivity Manager Module 

  • Create diagrams to connect assets or groups of assets 

Facility Production Data 

  • Each facility card now includes a Production Data tab that shows historical production 

Municipal Boundary Layer 

  • Baseline Risk Consequence Layer 
  • Crossings and Land Features 

  • Incident Export 
  • Search for Location using Lat/Long values 

Expanded regulatory  document collection 

Expanded Well Information 

  • New well attributes added to the Well Card and data panel 
  • Well production information tab added to the Well Card 

Risk and Consequence Layers 

  • View pipelines according to risk profiles 
  • View high consequence areas that impact risk scores 

Enhanced Map Printing 

  • Print maps in sizes up to 22" x 34" 

Converge Risk Manager 

  • Risk scores for every pipeline in Western Canada 
  • See risk rankings for your complete pipeline inventory 
  • View risk scores on demand 
  • Input data to reflect your own operating conditions and see the impact on risk scores 

Document Uploads 

  • Attach your own documents to any pipeline, well or facility 

Daily Data Updates 

  • Data in Converge is now updated on a daily basis, instead of monthly 

Converge Crossing Manager 

  • Users can now create, manage and update annual crossing inspection programs, upload inspection documents and view results of in-field activities.  

Pipeline Comments 

  • View or add comments related to a specific pipeline 

Regulatory ID Search 

  • Search for pipelines using the regulator-specific identification number 

Other Crossings 

  • View details for road, rail and power line crossings in the data panel 

Application Time Out 

  • After 1 hour of inactivity, you will automatically be logged out of the application 

Water Crossing Dashboard 

  • Identify, categorize and prioritize your pipeline water crossings 

Data Currency 

  • See the last updated dates of the data modules in Converge 

Measurement Tools 

  • Measure the distance, area or location of points in the map 

Manitoba Documents 

  • Access regulatory documents for assets in Manitoba 

Annotation Tools 

  • Add markups or text notes to the map 
  • Save annotations and edit or print them 

Crossing Layer 

  • View water, road and power line crossings easily in the map 
  • Use the info tool to view details of each crossing 

Regulatory Documents 

  • Easily download regulatory documents directly from Converge 
  • See a list of historical events  

Available documents include: 

  • Alberta Pipeline Documents: Available beginning late 2015; list of events available back to 2005 
  • Alberta Facility Documents: Available beginning 2011; list of events available back to 1996 
  • Alberta Well Documents: Available beginning late 2015; list of events available back to 1997 
  • Saskatchewan Pipeline Documents:  Available beginning 2005 (earlier documents are constantly being added)  

Incident Layer 

  • Search and visualize incidents in the map 
  • Create custom queries 
  • Enable the Incident layer to easily see where environmental incidents have occurred 

Asset Labels 

  • Turn on labels in the map to easily identify attributes 
  • Select a single attribute or multiple attributes to customize your view 

Licensed and Enhanced Toggle 

  • Switch the map view between a purely regulatory view (Licensed) and the Enhanced view which shows you the corrected location of pipelines 
  • Use the Graphic Validation attribute to learn more about how a pipeline's true location was determined 

Customizable Layers 

  • Turn Pipeline, Facility and Well layers off and on 
  • View the new Survey layer for additional information about right of way boundaries 

Pipeline Operator 

  • Query pipelines using the Pipeline Operator name or code and view the Operator information in the data panel 

One Call Reports 

  • Easily generate a list of your company's pipelines to submit to One-Call organizations 
  • Reports are pre-formatted and ready to submit according to each provincial jurisdiction's standards 

​​Water Crossing Prioritization Report 

  • Display a calculated ranking of pipeline water crossings 
  • Use to help manage and prioritize water crossings as part of your overall risk and integrity planning 

Incident Data 

  • View information about environmental incidents 
  • Drill down to view or print specific details 

Updated Pipeline, Facility and Well Cards  

  • Well attributes can now be displayed in card format 
  • Re-formatted card displays make it easier to view information about an asset 
  • View additional attributes for a more comprehensive overview of each asset 

Map Printing 

  • Easily print a map of assets you see on the screen, complete with a field to add comments and a legend for easy reference 

New Facility Card  

  • View all facility attributes in a simple card format which can easily be printed 

Search Area Restrictions 

  • Search within a defined area to come up with a list of pipelines, wells or facilities that meet your criteria 

Improved grid and zoom controls  

  • Gain a better understanding of where you are in the map with a visible zoom controller and grid labels that are visible at every zoom level. 

Map Enhancements 

  • Pipeline substance colors have been updated to match industry standards 
  • Each pipeline is easily identified in the map as Active, Proposed or Not Active 
  • Facility groupings have been simplified, from 28 down to 16 types 
  • Where there are multiple facilities in one location, the active facility now appears on top 
  • Flow direction is visible on the map 

Additional Pipeline Data 

  • View the elevation profile of a pipeline at 1 meter increments 
  • View and search for pipelines based on License, Permit and Construction dates 
  • View the Regulating body for a pipeline 

Improved Highlighting 

  • Selected items are easier to see in the map 

Improved Network Search 

  • Simplified tools to launch network search; no longer need to place flags and barriers 
  • Launch the search from the Data Panel, Map or by typing in an asset ID directly into the search field 
  • Specify criteria to stop a search, including an asset ID or facility type, or filter the results based on pipeline substance or status 

Network Flow Diagram 

  • Easily see a schematic of connections between pipelines, wells and facilities 
  • Export the diagram to PDF for viewing or printing 

Streamlined Import and Export 

  • View exported files immediately…no more waiting for the file to process 
  • Exported Excel file contains data validation for easier attribute editing 
  • Receive instant feedback on values for bulk import to identify errors before import is complete 

Import from AccuMap 

  • Create a list of wells, pipelines or facilities in AccuMap and learn more about them in Converge 

Feedback Button 

  • Easily provide GDM feedback on Converge or any of the data without having to leave the application 

Improved Search Functionality  

  • The search interface has been improved and additional search criteria have been added 

Pipeline Info Card  

  • Pipeline attributes can now be displayed in a "card" format for easy viewing and printing 

Expanded results for large queries 

  • Search results are no longer capped at 1,000 records, enabling you to search for an manipulate large quantities of data 

Company-Owned Assets Filter  

  • Highlight/view assets owned by your company on the map with the click of a button, while still being able to see the surrounding 3rd party assets 

Individual asset identification  

  • Click on an item in the data panel to identify it on the map, making it easier to isolate the assets you want to see in more detail 

Enhanced Crossing Report 

  • Lat/Long coordinates are now displayed as part of the Crossing Report 

Pipeline Visibility 

  • Pipelines are now visible at all zoom levels on the map for easier navigation 

Frequently asked questions


GDM features data across Canada, including the territories, as well as Montana and North Dakota.

  • Enhanced Pipeline & Facility Data
  • Environmental Incidents
  • Transportation Infrastructure Data
  • Low Pressure Gas
  • Frontier Land

Over the last 25 years, GDM has been working to create the most comprehensive source of oil and gas infrastructure data available. Here are some of the things that set us apart:

  • Only 20% of the pipelines available from the BC Oil and Gas Commission include spatial data. GDM delivers spatial data for the other 80% through our enhanced pipeline data.
  • Currently, only 23% of the pipelines in Saskatchewan are licensed. You can access information about the other 77% through GDM…the only current source for this information.
  • GDM has spatially enhanced the pipeline locations for 97% of the pipelines in Alberta, providing the best representation of actual locations available anywhere.
  • 46% of the facilities in Western Canada, including 93% of the facilities in Saskatchewan, include spatially updated locations to provide a more accurate view of actual positions within the LSD.
  • GDM’s data includes risk consequence rankings for over 493,000 pipelines in Western Canada.

Reach out to us at support@gdm-inc.com and we can work with you to understand the problem and update our data.

Yes. While GDM’s data is available in GIS-Ready formats, it is also integrated into leading industry applications, allowing non-GIS users to view GDM’s data. These applications include Converge by GDM, AccuMap by S&P Global (formerly IHS Markit), and geoSCOUT and gDC Cloud by geoLOGIC Systems.

The frequency of update depends on where you are accessing the data.

Converge – daily updates

Information Hub/gDC – monthly updates

GIS Ready data – monthly updates

AccuMap/geoSCOUT/gDC Cloud – monthly updates

Our data is available via subscription only. Contact us at support@gdm-inc.com to discuss the subscription options that best suit your needs.


Yes. Converge by GDM is an online, map-based software application that lets you easily search for any asset using a variety of attributes, and gain insight into assets using its built-in reports and analytics tools. It is built using GDM’s industry-leading data, so you always have access to the most current, complete, and accurate information about operating assets. For more information or to set up a demo, contact us at support@gdm-inc.com.

Yes. GDM’s data is available as add-on modules for both AccuMap and geoSCOUT. Contact your account rep to discuss how to include our data within your existing subscription.

Yes. GDM’s Converge software features add on modules for Pipeline Risk Management, Water Crossing Management, and Connectivity. These modules are all purpose-built to help manage asset integrity workflows.


Yes. Our team has already worked with many operators in Saskatchewan to help them understand the requirements for Retroactive Flowline licensing, and to help them complete their submissions. Contact us at support@gdm-inc.com for more information on how we can help.

Yes. Included with every Converge subscription is unlimited support and training to ensure users can use the software to its full potential. Contact us at support@gdm-inc.com to discuss options or schedule a session for your team.

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