Easily manage field verified data related to flowlines and pipeline infrastructure

Reduce your exposure to incidents and regulatory audits with insights from your field verified data.

Have confidence that operational changes made to your existing pipeline inventory is accessible to all teams via a central repository of field validated information

With the introduction of regulator directives, regulations, and programs across many jurisdictions, the responsibility to reliably evaluate, track, and address asset integrity on a regular basis is under scrutiny. Prioritizing field reviews and creating tangible documentation that includes a line-by-line review and summary of changes in subsequent years is vital should an audit be requested.


Mitigating Internal Risk Factors

There are many internal challenges when it comes to pipeline integrity programs and their overall safety to their surrounding environment, like internal cracks or signs of corrosion. This is why strategies are in place and technologies exist, like in-line inspections, to monitor and control these internal challenges to mitigate risk and monitor assets. With Field Review Manager, you can capture detailed data on mitigation strategies that are required by regulators in regard to cathodic protection, what chemical mitigation programs and strategies are in place, and where monitoring occurs, pigging data captured during maintenance operations. This data is exportable to a spreadsheet and ready for review should a regulatory body request an audit of your field.

GDM-Field Review Manager
GDM-Field Review Manager

Get up and running in minutes

Converge Connectivity Manager is the easiest-to-use connectivity tool available. Simply select a group of assets from the map and drag them on to the canvas to create your system diagram. Diagrams can also include both your assets, and third-party assets, for a complete picture of your integrated system.

Need to share your diagrams with others in the company? No problem. They can be saved, shared, and printed any time you need them.

gdm Risk Manager - Population Density layer
GDM Data Analysis

Maintain comprehensive records for regulator compliance

Generally speaking, there are many external forces creating challenges on your pipelines, from cracks caused by environmental or ground disturbances, weather conditions, and manufacturing defects. With Field Review Manager, you can capture detailed data on external risk factors that are required by regulators in regard to external corrosion monitoring, cathodic protection, and pipeline inspections including in line inspections, leak detection surveillance and monitoring, and geotechnical details like if a water crossing inspection has been completed. This data satisfies a regulator’s need for companies to maintain records for extended periods of time to show annual progress should a regulator request proof.

gdm Connectivity Manager - Connectivity Diagram

Follow the path of production as it flows through the network

Quickly understand the path of production from source to sink as it flows through each of the assets in your network. View detailed production charts for individual pipelines to understand the current and historical production values.

Converge Field Review Manager features

Converge Connectivity Manager allows you to easily create system diagrams with little training required

Create a centralized location that summarizes mitigation strategies an operator completes

ConConverge Crossing Manager by gdm lets you Easily create multi-year inspection programs to ensure your entire crossing inventory is accounted for

Update and maintain vast amounts of data to easily share field review results

the GDM Frontier Land Database is the most comprehensive and detailed source of active mineral lease data available for areas in Canada outside the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.

Have confidence in your compliance regardless of recent changes to regulations

Converge Crossing Manager by gdm lets you Identify all water crossings associated with your pipelines…not just those with a registered environment code

Understand what you own and where it is located during acquisition and divestiture

gdm integrates our industry data with third party software

Provide field review data or proof of annual activity completions for regulator audits

Converge Connectivity Manager allows you to customize labels to display key attributes at-a-glance.

Ensure your regulatory licensing matches actual field conditions

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