Enhancing the Client Experience with QA

GDM QA Enhances Client Experience

Today’s tech landscape is rapidly evolving, and software and the data it ingests, are an integral and ingrained part of our day-to-day. Whether delivered via an app on our phones or ones like Converge that power business operations, solution development plays a pivotal role. However, in the rush to deliver innovative solutions, quality assurance (QA) can take sometimes take a backseat, even though it serves to benefit the client.

Simeon Ng, QA analyst at GDM, believes that a robust QA strategy starts at the top of the company. “Knowing where we come from and where we’re going, our company DNA, gives all of us a focal point and direction. This helps shape everything we do, and for QA, that focal point is continuous improvement and baking quality into our data and Converge. We focus on prevention to reduce the need of finding cures and fixes.”

At its simplest, QA monitors and improves a solution’s quality throughout its lifecycle. At its most complex, QA involves methodologies, processes, and tools that identify and correct potential defects and issues before the solution reaches the client.

Albert Chu, lead developer, has been with GDM for over 9 years. He remembers when QA was a “company and team effort with all of us dedicated to the testing process.”

As the industry grew, so did client needs, and the formal investment in QA was made. Chu continues that “with our data, automations were put in place to catch errors with ease, so they don’t get to the client. The investment also helped with developing Converge. It freed up developers’ time so the team could develop functionality quicker and in general, increase team velocity,”

So, what QA deliverables best enhance that client experience?

Reliability and stability are two of the most obvious deliverables of QA. It is through preventative and rigorous testing that QA identifies and fixes bugs, glitches, and performance issues that provide a reliable client experience. Delivering a stable solution means clients have fewer frustrating incidents of crashes or unexpected errors.

QA delivers on costs savings and operational efficiencies by reducing rework and accelerating the speed-to-market and value. Detecting and addressing issues early in the development cycle minimizes the need for rework which in turn saves time, effort, and resources for developers.

The most intangible (and invaluable) results that QA delivers is building trust and loyalty within the client base. Reputation is heavily influenced by QA simply by consistently delivering reliable and well-tested solution. This influences perceived value and clients are more likely to trust your solutions and will advocate on your behalf as being a company known for commitment to quality.

A positive client experience means a loyal client base, which translates to repeat business, positive reviews, and recommendations to peers. The importance of quality assurance cannot be overstated. Systematic testing and validation processes ensures reliable solutions that resonate with your target audience. In today’s competitive market, investing in quality assurance is not just a best practice, but a strategic necessity.

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